2017/07/17 Mon

Monthly Kurt pics compilation

lalalala ame no

2016/11/05 Sat

RiekurtxRilakkuma ☆

when he said he likes my haircut

2016/10/09 Sun

Papa Kurt and Guren oyaji doods

"Mmm I hate bell peppers (๑・᷄ὢ・᷅ ๑)"

"Being picky eater isn't good."

into the room

2016/08/30 Tue

In spirit of Mizuryu Kei's works (whatever the hell that means)

I might need to hold off of posting this bcs... anatomy....

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Pour your love, one more time

2016/05/26 Thu

Self indulgent shits i made

Selena Regina hamster face


Papa and Oyaji
"That's him, Papa! He was the one who took my money!"